Thursday, July 16, 2015

Collective Consciousness, what is it?

We know this. This question is utilization of that energy.
We know "Change your thinking, change your life"
We know "Like attracts"
Those are obvious.
The next questions are

"How do I change/affect the Collective Consciousness?"
Understanding that the Mind is just a I/O system. It is Electromagnetic and works within an Aether. Physical manifestations of nuclear and temperature also fit. Dark Matter, Unaware Gluons, lacking information, not rotating, no magnetic force is required for baryogensis. It is just another aspect of electromagnetism.

Collective Consciousness works like memory or a brain. It is memory of other Minds at now. So I can remember another Mind's memory at point now. I can remember the point and position, worse, I remember their emotions and vision attached to that emotion. Mostly war, pain, suffering, just horrible things I have seen. I also see football matches, babies born, just excitement. This is Collective Consciousness.

"How do I change instantaneous action of objects utilizing vibration?"
This is an action. This is a correct statement in physics. So it is possible and being done.

So until someone can understand the other stuff here. The next questions and solutions are fantasy and magic. So those who wish to become Jedi must learn all the Math and Totally New Physics. Otherwise it is meaningless.

I know people will not enter my space. I buffer my area around me because of my epilepsy. Ignorant people flee my physical space. I do this with only love and compassion. I can control this like amplitude. So it works just like any other wave. You can extend waves of compassion over people. They will either have an attraction to this or be repulsed. After a while the vibration is such that fewer and fewer are repulsed. I.e. social networks.

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