Monday, July 13, 2015

NASA fire these idiots.

NASA wants to build a time travel machine. They want to spend money learning to travel in time. We don't know how to travel in space. Baby steps. They are spending money on this. It my tax dollars building a time travel machine. Come on. Lets fix the International Space Station. Then go from there.

I would do a better job running NASA.

General Relativity can be disproven. Objects of mass are 1 dimensional. The plane of Hilbert Space is 2d. I live in 3d plus time. It fails simple mathematics. Design a 3d video game. Learn the concept of matrix operations.

If your model of physics results in time travel then there is a fundamental math error.

Gravity needs to be redone into the differences of densities within a medium. Using the known Corialis Effects and Zeeman Effects.

We cannot get to LEO but there is money in the budget for this. Come on. This is BS. I've just had it. This is crap. For this amount of money we need a 7 day a week drone LEO transport system. I can do a better job running NASA. If this is high on their agenda. Lets start firing people until we get a constant support of ISS and solar missions. Missions to the moon are most important. A base around the moon is necessary to go to the inner planets. A base in geosynchronous orbit to build larger ships for outer planet exploration. Under my leadership 5 years.

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