Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Asymptotes in 3 dimensions

I have an idea why this is so difficult. It has to do with asymptotes. More specifically asymptotes in 3 dimensions. I have hypothesized that the electron is an an asymptote between the three bosons. An asymptote in 3 dimensions has different behaviors than in 2 dimensions. It produces a shape that is like a funnel around zero. 

This is how I picture the lepton electron.

There are 9 bits of information associated with this model of the electron. 3 bits for each Boson. This shows that the lepton electron is a result of the interaction of these 9 bits of information. Also this would be a 4 dimensional problem, but I am examining an instant.

My idea about the wave-particle problem is an asymptote to a vibration in 4 dimensions is a manifestation.

Great paper on asymptotes:

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