Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Asymmetry is not broken symmetry

This is from the Brookhaven National Lab.

Physicists have predicted an increasing probability of finding such bubbles, or local regions, of “broken” symmetry at extreme temperatures near transitions from one phase of matter to another. According to the predictions, the matter inside these bubbles would exhibit different symmetries — or behavior under certain simple transformations of space, time, and particle types — than the surrounding matter. In addition to the symmetry violations probed at RHIC, scientists have postulated that analogous symmetry-altering bubbles created at an even earlier time in the universe helped to establish the preference for matter over antimatter in our world. http://www.bnl.gov/bnlweb/pubaf/pr/PR_display.asp?prID=1073


Ok, The concept of symmetry is not shown by any data. Never is there a symmetrical interaction. Broken symmetry requires symmetry to exist. 

It is easy to disprove symmetry through logic. Each atom has a lepton, electron, expressing information about the atom. Never is this lepton in the same position nor does it express the same bits of information at any different time. QED.

Symmetry as a concept stems from the need to protect an omnipotent perfect god, thus is not logical nor evidenced in the collected data.   
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