Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Magnetism and information

The nature of the Boson is to transport information. This transference of information is done in waves. The W and Z carry; induced current, voltage, and magnetism as information (meme). Whereas; temp, wavelength and freq are the domain of the photon. The electron and gluon convert the Meme into W and Z boson magnetism.
The W and Z transport; induced current, voltage, and magnetism as meme information. One of the bosons(Z?) is responsible for writing to the gluon. The others W+ and W- are responsible for broadcasting magnetism.

my attempt at GSJ

I want to say that the photon carries more information that just time counter. A photon is vibrated by the electron so it has no charge and no mass. This way it can pass though interstellar space almost unimpeded (gravitational lensing: explained at the blog). A photon (sum of its wiggles and forward motion) moves at the speed of C. The photon only imparts its energy/memes when it vibrates another electron. This is where it converts information into Freq, temp and wave length. The electron converts this info into current, voltage, and magnetism and passed to the W and Z bosons where it now has mass. From the Z boson the current, voltage and magnetism are converted into color by the gluon and passed to the Quarks. The W bosons broadcast the meme as magnetism.

The process reverses. Quark to Gluon to W & Z bosons to electron to photon.

All forces travel in waves. The vibration may impart mass depending on the type of boson.

Its like a .txt file. the file can be read as a document or transmitted as a wave.
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