Friday, September 19, 2008

E ≠ mc^2

I have problems with Einstein's equations. It is saying that the only main variables in Energy are mass and the speed of light. No time, temp, freq, wave length... Not even x,y,z.

Mass is a zero dimension point. Mass does not exist in 4 dimensions. Density exists in 4 dimensions.

And the speed of light. Where did he get this stuff? What about electromagnetism, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, radiation... He had to be aware of these. How could these systems be dismissed? Why do we have to have pretty equations? The universe is a violent and inhospitable place. Yet, we need simple pretty equations. e=mc^2, f=ma. f=gm1m2/r^2. These are too simple to explain complex interactions.

There is a major difference between symmetry and equilibrium. Simply, equilibrium occurs at the boundaries of two disparate systems, symmetry occurs in the mind.

There are so many variables in how the universe operates. Planck's black body spectral emissions. Maxwell's, Navier & Stokes, Peter Duffett-Smith... These are much better examples of thinking.
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