Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Density gradient : Vibration

Density gradient vibration

E = emitter
O = atom preloaded photon
-p = photon vibration heading left
p+ = photon vibration heading right
-p+ = one photon vibration heading left one right

B = atom accepting/releasing vibration photon
( = extreme change in atom shape due to 2 photon vibration
| = reflective wall

1) |O O O O E
2) |O O O O -pE
3) |O O O O-p E
4) |O O O-pB -pE
5) |O O-pB O-p E
6) |O-pB O-pB -pE
7) |Bp+O-pB O-p E
8) |O-p(p+O-pB -pE
9) |Bp+O-p(p+O-p E

I still like calling the process a photon, although it is obvious it is not a particle. I think it will cause less confusion if we change the process not the name.

Eric Reiter is responsible for this change with his experiment. This vibration allows for more information to be passed through the bandwidth in this process.

It should have been obvious to me in this chart by PBS Nova and Fermilab,

A photon has no mass.
It is only a vibration.
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