Saturday, September 27, 2008

Newton/Einstein fail under data
This is the page describing how NASA failed to protect our data. The Planetary Society came to the rescue.

"We would expect the two spacecraft to follow Newton's law of gravity," Dr. Turyshev said, "but they in fact fail to confirm Newton's law. If Newton is wrong, Einstein is wrong too."

Then we have the orbital issues of the Lunar Prospector.

Both of these paper are data based descriptions of how Newton's Law of Gravity is wrong. Since Newton is wrong then all model that are based on Newton's Model of Gravity are wrong.

If this does not convince you, then there is no evidence of a Graviton. None has ever been found. In Newton's model it would be the most abundant particle.

In my model gravity is the effect caused by the interaction of magnetism on the background dark matter. This allows for density, thermodynamics, plasmadynamics, E/M and other systems to take effect in the bubble caused by the interaction of magnetism and dark matter.

In the end, we are going to have an ugly equation that is filled with fractals and is a sum of all the systems.

We really need to clear the table and start over.
Aaron Guerami

Addendum 7/6/2009
General Relativity Shown to be Newtonian Gravitational Theory by Roger Anderton
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