Friday, September 26, 2008

Pioneer 10 & 11 Anomaly

Newton, Einstein Lost in Space? Hotz

Let me describe what happen here and how it is explained by this model. These two spacecraft hit the dense dark matter barrier. This is the edge of the baryonic radiation bubble.

Being that the spacecraft are baryonic in nature, they are experiencing resistance from the pressurized dark matter. They have a small magnetic field caused by the baryons that make up the spacecraft. That field creates a bubble in the dark matter. But that dark matter is pressurized by the baryonic radiation emitted from the Sun. This pressurization is what reduced the velocity and changed the trajectory. Their trajectories will continue to change and they will return to the solar system. The dense dark matter is the primary influence in this interaction.

In one of the previous postings I describe a Dark Matter engine that will provide thrust to exit the solar system.
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