Thursday, July 3, 2008

Symmetric form: Logic problem

Symmetry is not natural in the universe. There are always differences.

For example a star has a great solar flare at T(n). A tremendous amount of energy has been released at one point on the star. Symmetry demands that a solar flare of equal strength and opposite direction is required at T(n). This is not natural.

Symmetry is a construct used to simplify multi-variable systems. Einstein and others only had their intuition to create these great thories, symmerty made these intuitions almost explainable. We barely know now how orbits function and they are not exactly as Newton, Einstein and others suggest. But, if it was not for their work we would still be living in caves. Symmetry is necessary to make the intuitive jump from 'the particles want to be together', to 'there is an observable process in particle dynamics'.

Symmetry has no physical evidence.

These are systems where certain variables do not induce a massive change to the overall system, yet do affect small variances to the system.

We know the earth does not have a symmetrical curvature of space/time. It is squashed and some areas have more pertubations than others. These variations occur when the density directly under the spacecraft changes. Traveling over an ocean has one curvature of space/time, whereas a massive mountain range has more density, thus a different curvature of space/time. These variations need to be incorperated in orbit design, else you lose the satellite.

Asymmetry occurs from the inablity to predict electron position. Nature is asymmertical.

The removal of symmetry allows discussuion on the effect of the shape of the earth at rest and at motion on the curvature of space/time.
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