Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Lunar Issue

I have been thinking about how Density(gravity) affects the Earth. We know that the tides are caused by the moon's Density(gravitational) effect on the Earth. The tidal period is 12h 25.2m, 1/2 of a tidal day.

An intuitive knowledge of physics, states that if the moon is closest to the Earth every other 12h 25.2m then we would see a high tide at those intervals. This means that the moon falls towards the sun every other 12h 25.2m also.

I think the sun and the earth are interacting on the moon. This can only occur if the moon is trailing the earth. With the earth moving around the sun, the earth's magnetic field creates a teardrop shape in the dark matter. As the dark matter is returning to equilibrium against the sun's alpha particles, the moon would be trailing in the tail of this teardrop. This 12h 25.2m period is the time it takes to move from one side of the tail to the other.

The moon does not actually orbit the cross-section of the teardrop tail in a elliptical orbit. It never goes above the focus that is on the plane with the sun.(well it goes slightly above the focus). There are 2 focii that account for this behavior. One is on the sun side of the tail furthest from the earth. The other is on the opposite side of the sun but is closest to the earth. This path is the lunar tidal period.

The moon moves kinda like a snowboarder in a 1/2 pipe run. This is inline with Peter Duffett-Smith's description of the lunar orbit of the sun.

"A celestial observer viewing the solar system from a great distance would not, however see the Moon making loops in space about the Earth. Rather, he would describe the situation by saying that the Moon is in orbit around the Sun, as is the Earth, and that the effect of the Earth's influence is to make the Moon's orbit wiggle a little as the relative positions of the Earth and Moon change. This is because the Sun's Gravitation force on the Moon is much greater than that of the Earth, even though the latter is nearer. "

Addendum: 4/29/09 : Predictions. I have been asked to make some predictions in my model. But this is a big one. The Moon follows the Earth as described above.
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