Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sun's effect called Gravity

Everything in the solar system falls towards the sun. Baryonic radiation from the sun causes the dark matter to be pushed back. All the baryonic matter that is maintaining a correct angular momentum will maintain its current solar orbit minus the minor friction caused by the dark matter. This is like a marble in a bowl with the system in space.

Even on the earth. The baryonic effect of the earth does cause a deep run into the dark matter. The earth spins. This effect at the bottom of the earth's baryonic bowl effect on the dark matter will cause everything around the earth to fall towards the earth. If I move 3km/h I will still fall towards the earth. If I move 11.186 km/s then I have achieved enough angular momentum to fall away from the earth but now towards the sun.

This includes the moon. The moon is in equilibrium between falling towards the earth and falling towards the sun. The tides show this.

If a marble was shot from the earth, it would need to increase momentum to 42.1 km/sec to pierce the denser dark matter at 1au. If the marble were to try to escape the sun's baryonic effect on dark matter at a distance of ~10au, I would need to increase momentum to >~10 km/sec to pierce the dark matter. This shows that there is a distinct pressure field on the dark matter from the baryonic radiation.

This general shape of the effect of baryonic matter on dark matter as a squashed spheroid/torus shows a physical reason for different angular momentum at different points in the elliptical orbit.
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