Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Curvature of Space/Time

The curvature of space is a function of the density of baryons, the magnetic field, and radioactive particles emitted from the baryonic object. Really it is just the pressurization of dark matter against the baryonic matter's magnetism.

The magnetic field planets/planetoids:
Many of the planets have a magnetic field. This field is called the magnetosphere. Any of the spinning massive bodies has magnetism if it has a warm metalic core. These magnetic fields repel dark matter at a much greater rate than the baryons alone.

The non-magnetic field planet/planetoids:
The general density of an object's baryons has magnetism. This inherit magnetism causes dark matter to repel. But not nearly as much as the magnetic field. The lunar surface shows differentials in gravity to the topology [Cite:A. S. Konopliv].

The massive gas giants have cores that are magnetic. The magnetic field has been examined by NASA and others. The curvature of the space/time around Jupiter is far greater than the mass of the planet alone.
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