Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reiter Waves

Eric S. Reiter at

I need to show that I am referencing this dynamic and powerful tool called Photon Violation Spectroscopy which disproves the particle nature of light. This tool destroys concepts laid out in Quantum Mechanics and leaves open entire concepts for re-evaluation.

Particle Violation Spectroscopy is another tool that Reiter designed and built to disprove the particle nature of particles. This tool shows the wave nature of particles. This destroys Classical and Quantum Mechanics concepts. I will be referencing the results of his experiments in my blog.

His inventions produce incredible results and must be reproduced. I am going to continue work on my blog, if only to continue my understanding of the universe. Kudos to Eric Reiter on building an experiment that shows the true nature of matter and energy, and recording this in such detail.

I will also be referring to Reiter's Loading Theory in my blog. This is an important concept that is also described at CERN. Reiter's Loading Theory is a more in depth explanation of the problem.
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