Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What is it with the concept of aether, that is so repugnant? What are the rules that this breaking? I would think the concept of an aether would just be an extension of the atmosphere or any other media. These differences between baryonic magnetic material and the non baryonic dark matter allows for bubbles in the aether. This bubble would be where baryonic matter can interact with the rules of magnetism, e/m, density...

If there is to be an aether, it needs a mechanism in which the baryonic bubble is defined. In my opinion this is magnetism. Magnetism through the W+/- boson vibrates charge and force. I am beginning to think that this W boson is only read/written by the gluon. That the electron converts photons into z bosons to pass to the gluon.

This transfer of information tells the dark matter particle how much magnetic pressure is being applied and how much it needs to recoil. At its root, all force is information. Each force/boson holds information on itself, describing its originator. The Quark or Dark Matter equivalent expresses this information.
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