Monday, October 20, 2008

Black Hole flares

Max Planck's Institute

There is baryonic matter exiting the equator of this object that is suppose to suck up all matter and energy. This matter is being ejected in flares. These flares occur at different temperatures, thus differing wavelengths. This is not Hawkins pseudo-matter or whatever. Its baryonic and in the Near Infrared range (740K - 5200K).

The video in the post below shows stars orbiting the Black Hole. Not being suck up or being spread out. They speed up and slow down, but this is due to orbital velocity changes during the orbit.

Matter is being ejected from the black hole. Under no circumstances should this occur in a Newton/Einstein/Hawkins universe.

I think the major variables here are the radial velocity of the object and the temp. Like the ice skater spinning; arms out slower, lower temp; arms in faster, higher temp. I predict that radial velocity and density will have more to do with the shape of the galaxy. Then we can plot the shapes of galaxies based on their black hole's radial velocity and temp.

Also if two black holes interact they can distort the surrounding galaxies. yet never actually accrete. There are many examples of two galaxies passing through one another and emerging on the other side, damaged but still spiral in nature. There are far fewer accretive galaxies than would be expected under gravity.

We dump the strange singularity for a squashed sphere. If the material is He or H it should be so pressurized that it is magnetic.

Gravity needs to be removed from the equation here to account for these ejections. When we agree that there is no graviton and the black hole is really a black body spectral radiator. Only then can we really explain how this material exists, how the stars do not get absorbed, and get rid of the singularity.

These black holes are emitting massive amounts of magnetism. In my model it is enough to bend a bubble in the dark matter to allow for part of the galaxy of baryonic matter. Every once in a while it ejects baryonic matter in the form of flares. These flares accrete into stars quickly. As the stars become more dense they travel further away from the spectral radiator(black hole)

It is almost inverse of the gravity model.

I have yet to find any issue that cannot be explained under this model. Gravity is what is causing so much mysticism in physics. It does not exist.

But for the most part everything is explained in Planck's spectral equations and a bunch of other stuff. The 19th century scientist got it right. They just did not have the data to put it all together. 20th Century marketing ruined it for all.
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