Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't ask the epileptic for the time

For disclosure purposes, I am the epileptic. This is my experience of time. I also ask everyone who is unfortunate enough to be around me when I have one, what they experience? This is the usual response.

The purpose of a Neural Network is to process more memes than the basic memes of baryonic information. The brain is an optimized information system.

A seizure occurs when the brain no longer processes information in its usual optimal network. It only processes the baryonic information to the density of organic compounds. The difference between the normal memes information processing when I am functioning and the amount of information being processed when my neural network is not processing, is the information called me. The is no difference in the amount of baryons involved, those baryons are no longer processing optimally( above the normal amount for a baryon).

When I have a seizure. I have asymptotes in time. Time ends at T0 and starts again in the next available moment. That can be 30 seconds later. So for me T0 and T0+30 occur one after another. For me the experience of time accelerates during the event or 30 seconds occurred while I was not processing complex information. At this time my body is only processing information about the baryons that compose my body.

When I have a seizure and there is a unfortunate person to witness the event. They will always report to me that the experience of time for them slowed down. What took 30 seconds according to the clock, to them lasted several minutes. It is as if they are processing more information during that same 30 seconds. Since the Speed of Light may or may not be constant, The information system needs to slow down time to process the larger load in the same time frame.

When I have a seizure and there is a person in another building completely unaware of the event will experience time on their norm.

This is not the only observation that helps me show the relationship between time and information. It just is the most obvious.

Time is independent of baryonic matter. Time is independent of information. Both information and baryonic matter interact within time as a clock.

A clock (trying to remove the metaphysical time and be discrete) is different at different distances from baryons. A clock on the earth, a clock in heliocentric orbit between earth and mars, and a clock in heliocentric orbit between the Earth an Venus. The clock on the earth will be the fastest, followed by the one closest to the sun. The further away from baryons the slower the clock. The clock approaches zero the further away from baryonic matter.

UNFORTUNATELY this is not testable to zero. It is not possible to have a detector and an absence of memes. This should tell the mathematicians that the density of memes(change - baryon, it is really the information) is in the divisor of their equations.

I want to thank Harry H. Ricker III. You can find his amazing papers at

He has a draft paper on time that I am enjoying now. Just amazing.

The clock in me is different by baryonic structure than the clock in you, or the dog, or the cookoo clock. They are all clocks. They all express/experience time just different based on density of baryons and the density of memes.
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