Monday, November 24, 2008

The Gluon: The Master of Information

It is the Gluon that is the most important vibration in our universe. It communicates information to all other systems of vibrations as expressions. All information communication is essentially Gluon to Gluon communication. Each Gluon needs to communicate certain bits of information to other Gluons.

Gluons use certain vibrations to communicate different bits of information to other Gluons. The type of information determines the type of vibration used to communicate that information. The Bosons are the vibrations that transmit information. The Leptons and Quarks are expressions of the Gluon's information.

There are simple Gluon to Gluon communication through Quantumchromodynamics(QCD). The W+/- Boson communicates magnetism directly from Gluon to Gluon over a distance. The Photon communicates heat, pressure, and time to other Gluons through a more complicated system using both the Z Boson and the Electron. This system transmits information over great distances.

All Quarks store information for Gluons. The Strong Nuclear Force is the storage of Gluon information. Essentially a Quark is part of a Gluon and is the final expression of Gluon information.

All Leptons are responsible for secondary transmission of information for Gluons. The electron vibration loads information (described as Reiter Loading Theory) to be releasing the photon-wave as needed. The electron vibration now free of the photon-wave can accept a photon-wave and read the information from another Gluon.

Another important interaction the gluon is responsible for is the W boson communicates with dark matter. I postulate that the Gluon can have an anti-spin. This anti-spin Gluon causes expression of Dark Matter in a chain. The W boson provides magnetism information to the Dark Matter chain repelling it from the W boson. This is responsible for the bubble in Dark Matter causing Specific Baryonic Density (what was known as gravity).
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