Monday, November 3, 2008

Information in action and inaction

Energy is memes (information) in action. Whereas particles are that same memes in expression.

Photons waves hold 4 memes of information; Temp, freq, wave length and counter.
Magnetism waves hold 4 memes of information; Charge, current, voltage and counter.

Electrons reads and writes the photon wave
Gluons writes and reads the W+/- boson. (Far field)
Electrons and Gluon read and write the Z boson (Near field)

Quantumchromodynamics(QDC color) is the expression of all of those memes as Quarks and Dark Matter by Gluons.

QCD is also the primary interaction between magnetism and Dark Matter. Dark Matter particles react to W boson magnetism through the gluon between each Dark Matter particle. This far field interaction causes a bubble in the Dark Matter allowing for the interaction we know as density/buoyancy of Baryonic Matter. What use to be known as gravity.

p.s. still no graviton.
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