Friday, December 5, 2008

Space is not a vacuum

The vacuum of (Solar System: added 8/22/09) space is a fallacy. Space is full of radiation, ions, baryonic matter, dark matter, W boson, and photons. In space the density of baryonic matter is low but not 0 per cm^3.

When the ISS is not in the shadow of the sun it is under constant bombardment from the sun. In this case density of photon-waves is quite high in the area close to the sun (150m km). The Photon-wave transmits the information on temperature, wave-length and frequency of the star at that distance. E=hv.

Since we have different classes of vibrations , they can have different densities in an area of space. The Earth is an area of space where baryonic matter density is quite high. Also the Earth emits photon-waves, and magnetism. Yet the space between Earth and Venus is mostly filled with photon-waves and magnetism emitted from the Sun.
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