Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Thought

Thought is the byproduct of the interaction of the Z Boson and Chemistry.

Thought is the self organization of Baryons. Thought can organize and manipulate Bosons.

Thought can organize Bosons into complex systems. Thought can organize the density of Baryons. Thought can manipulate and organize Photons, Z Bosons and W+/- Bosons.

Thought is seen to exist in inorganic chemistry as crystalline structure. Thought in inorganic chemistry cannot extend beyond inorganic chemistry. Thought in inorganic chemistry is the organization of Baryons to efficiently transmit information. For example water passing though minerals uses Z Bosons to break the bonds of previously existing baryonic structures to create new more efficient structures.

Thought in inorganic chemistry must exist in order for there to be a more efficient version in organic chemistry.

Thought in organic chemistry can create non-similar or byproduct processes. Thought in organic chemistry can store Thought. Thought in Organics are self-replicating. Thought in organic chemistry can become self-aware.  Thought can create interactions of bosons that can extend beyond Organic Chemistry.

Complexity in organic chemistry breaks down to simpler component when Thought fails efficiency.
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