Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Papers I am reading for the season

First I want to thank Curt Youngs for sending me these links. I find most of what Curt sends me is very important, although I do not agree with everything the authors describe. I want to thank and credit him for 'pushing powerful papers on me to read'. Just Kidding. 

Then I want to thank the people who wrote the papers.  
Lane Davis **
Quantum Cold-Case Mysteries Revisited

Laurence Hecht *Partially read
Editorial - Should the Law of Gravity be Repealed?

A New Approach to the Ordering Principle of the Stable Isotopes

Peter Fred **
Is the Sun's Warmth Gravitationally Attractive

I am also reading more on the Zeeman effect. 

** I have read these papers, the others I am reading.

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