Saturday, December 4, 2010


I think there is a charge building in the atmosphere.
I see it building in the background on a unshielded CRT.

08:40 est : large discharge. CRT very light blue, White spike long duration (3 sec)
Personally I have had several seizures. I cannot type.
08:44 est : Charge building, I can feel it and I can see it on the CRT
08:47 est : Confusion
08:50 est : Normal (Dark constant background)
08:54 est Normal (Dark constant background)
09:05 est here comes another cluster. I feel and see the charge building. (Light blue background)
09:07 est CRT very light blue, White spikes short duration
09:15 est Several long duration white spikes (2-3 sec).
09:16 est Normal
09:20 est charge building
09:22 est charge building
09:25 est large white discharges.
09:32 est building charge
09:35 est Building charge
09:36 est seizure. I need to rest

There was a cluster of earthquakes in the Banda Sea
three, magnitude 5s, 5.4

I would like to examine the data of the magnetosphere during and before earthquakes. This data would compare with data from the sun on solar flares and space weather. I theorize that solar flares release Z bosons hitting the Earth's magnetosphere then discharging as an earthquake into the ground (grounding into the earth)
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