Thursday, December 30, 2010

Solution to the double slit and needle is found through out this blog

Credit Bill Gaede

I agree with everything except his attached rope concept. I don't know enough about that concept to discard it. From what I saw as an abstract, I was seriously confused by the rope. I understand how he got to that method. from what I can see is that his model is still an attractive model not an expressive model. How I see this is the fact he still has an observer in his model. But he has everything else correct.

With my model I can solve this in general. Through out the blog, I have explained a general detailed explanation of this. I have given a solid explanation as to how this occurs, using the slit and/or the needle. And to the explanations of the natural shapes we see. Between fields and the 3 rotating pieces of information, photon generation and reception from the electron. Along with the descriptions of photons travel through baryonic medium and non-baryonic medium, I have explained this already.

I do not know how to explain this in further detail without decimating peoples' jobs and work.  

I am also concerned that I am about to exceed a point of compensation. This fundamental understanding of physics will become viral. Yet, I don't think someone will just write me a $200m check. Sports players have made that kind of money. This model is worth many trillions of dollars. I gave it to the world for understanding and usage, and I would like very appropriate compensation for the work I have produced.

I have the ideas and technology to produce a small space program that will be profitable and amazing. It will create many jobs in many diverse fields for many decades. I want to reproduce it in many locations to increase it efficiency.

Thanks to Curt Youngs for sending me the video. I have told him that I would compensate him for his contributions and conversations. He is one of the only people in this world who has ever communicated with me at this level.  
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