Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Small Space Science Program

I would like to see and develop an advanced computer science and space science innovation center and university built in West Palm Beach.

The concept is that the students will build their spacecraft, mission control, data integration and fulfill its lifetime mission. It should expand as progress demands.

Mission for years 1 and 2.
1) NEO identifier.
2) Solar and Stellar navigation development.
3) Array of telescopes between Earth and Mars.

Year 1,
Build and launch the prototypes. First small student integration.

Year 2,
1) Build and expand student development centers and mission control centers.
2) Build carbon fiber construction facilities.
3) Build factory system for student spacecraft manufacturing.

In 3 years,
Build and launch the first student built vehicles.

In 5 years,
1) Identify all resources in the Asteroid belt.
2) Create an array telescope between the orbits of Earth and Jupiter.
3) Design space resource facility
4) Design reusable launch vehicle system based on concepts of the Standard Vibration Model.

Year 6,
Shift Apophis orbit to a stable orbit using the concepts of the Standard Vibration Model.

In 20 years,
1) Identify all resources in the solar system.
2) Develop a predictive model of resources.
3) Recover needed resources for future projects
4) Develop a stellar navigation model.
5) Create a solar system Internet. Reducing the amount of energy needed to return data.
6) Create large array telescopes in many spectra that are distributed through out the entire solar system.
7) It should hold 5000 students and employees.

Facilities and transportation to launch facilities already exist. There are several ports available to West Palm Beach.
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