Friday, May 28, 2010

Universal instant

An instant is not viable in the universe.

The area of the universe we occupy is asymmetrical.

I want to look at this picture again.

Caption: This is a false color image of the central region of a galaxy group in X-rays. The jet of matter blown out of the central black hole can be clearly identified by its radio luminosity (overlaid, purple-blue).

Credit: Image: S. Giodini/A. Finoguenov/MPE

96% of the material of the visible universe is theoretical Dark Matter. We can actually see it through interactions with magnetism. A couple postings down there is a great picture of a spiral galaxy radiating large amounts of magnetism and electricity. But where there should be magnetism there is only dark. In this area Dark Matter is far more pressurized then the baryonic matter.

There is something big in the Dark Matter sense in that picture. We see the equilibrium of the W+/- Bosons against the Anti-Gluons. It is closer to the actual galaxy

Just because we can take pictures and save them does not mean the universe has a global clock.

For a photon, time is the number of rotations taken during the trip from emitter to receiver. Magnetic fields affect the rotation of photons. Thus all time is local (to the receiving baryon).

For a baryon the axial rotation is time. Three gluons form a triangle. That triangle spins on the opposite quark.

Time for a Baryon is not relevant to a photon. But for the receiving Baryon the time the photon existed is relevant to the temperature calculation.
Another thing about that picture. It is twice a ground based atomic explosion. Two mushroom clouds.
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