Thursday, June 24, 2010

Z Boson and mass

I know this is a preprint. I know this is your understanding of the motion of electricity. I have a few questions. I love the fact that this document is pictures instead of text so questions cannot be asked. You cannot copy an area of text and question it. So I will retype the information.

On page two, you have defined the mass of a Z-Boson to 

That is a very specific number to be a new constant. That is not the direct problem I have with this. You are measuring mass in voltage.

Since you are measuring the cross section of the Z-Boson as  of which we both agree.

Call me crazy, and I know you will, but intensity of electricity is always measured in Amperes. Thus the intensity of a Z-Boson can never be measured as mass.

Using Ohm's law we can determine the current(intensity) of a Z-Boson, which is variable not constant.

Why is it that you measure electricity as mass? At best that does not make sense with what is known.
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