Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Super-massive Black Holes in the Standard Vibration Model

The current model states there is a super-massive black hole in the center of the galaxy. This black hole sucks in surrounding objects along the 2d plane and ejects ultra high energy gamma rays out the poles. There is a possibility of being sucked through and ending up in a neighboring universe. This is what is being taught.

What we are seeing is not what is being taught.

1) The black holes in the center of all galaxies are Planck's black body radiator. They are ultra-dense stars.

2) The black hole is an ultra-dense fusion reactor. That means it is crushing together elements that we think are dense(Uranium, Plutonium,...) and producing more dense elements.    

3) Black holes emit enormous amounts of magnetism, W+/- Bosons. We see this magnetic field extend way beyond the limit of visible stars within in the galaxy.

4) Black holes emit Z boson discharges. electric discharges.

5) Each star has the same variables that a black hole has. The star is just less intense.
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