Thursday, August 25, 2011

Errors, friction, three dimensions count in physics.

This article was written by Brian Palmer

I will add to this when I feel better.

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Clayton said...

The proof of magnets not producing forces on their own is similar to the so called proof of friction. simple fact: there is no such thing as a force!

shamans, and esoteric people have seen glowing lights coming from magnets, that is the essence of its power. There are no magnetic fields!
take the south pole of a magnet, magnetize a nail. take another south pole of another magnet. magnetize a different nail. put the two nails together: they attract! there are no magnetic fields, even the non shaman if he concentrates on the area above a magnet he can see a halo

BTW buddhist also believe in lord ganish! he is the scribe of the whole story! ask any buddhist or hindu. modern science is just a fraud. if you realize gravity is a fraud, you pretty much get it, just dont want to admit it. Cancer has been cured, they have machines in secret labs by the united states military. the technology is run by the military industrial complex, and a false science keeps people in line and makes complying with imperialism "moral"

prove me wrong