Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Data showing connections between magnetosphere and earthquakes

Good data blog

Magnetosphere Simulation Images and Earthquakes (26): 2011/1/16T01:02 to 2011/1/18T13:00
They did a wonderful job showing the relationship of how earthquakes occur as described in this model.

Scroll down there are a lot of pictures corresponding to earthquake data.
There is a lot of data on the site/
Good job.


chiccoreal said...

Dear Aaron: This is interesting; thank-you! I have thought that the moon also has an effect and since (I believe) both the earth and moon share this same magnetic field there may be a correlation between the moon and the earth on a molecular (subatomic level). In other words, I believe the moon may have split for the atom of the earth creating or due to a polarizing effect of the subatomic core of the earth structure. The resultant magnetic field which is influenced by the sun due to the earth coming from the centre of the sun (a sloughing process or perhaps a "shell" release of the spin off polarities (another topic...dealing with the continual motion action of positive to negative than sloughing off process). I think there may be something to this! Complex as it is to me to conceive in precise physics "language"!(I'm working to understand the complexities however, please be tolerate my rank amateur status!)

Aaron said...


Amature is a status that we accept. You have been more than helpful to my project than most. I am not a professional. To make my point I have been writing this blog for several years now. I have made .35c

Your idea may have some details listed in a book called "Practical Astronomy with your Calculator", by Peter Duffett-Smith. Starting on page 138 is a whole interesting idea on how the moon orbits the earth. With this information and the new magnetosphere info. We should be able to finally describe the motion of the moon.

It is good to hear from you and I hope everything is well.

Anonymous said...

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robgoebel said...

I believe you have hit on a actual reality when linking our magnetic field and core to the solar events that are taking place and causing massive earthquakes and tectonic movement. The solar maximum is happening this year into next year of 2012. We have seen Japan being displaced about 8 feet closer to the usa in a matter of minutes. After looking at the data on IRIS it is a bit disturbing to see all of this starting to unfold right before our eyes. Our earths core is being supercharged with magnetic exrays from the sun CME's creating what i believe is the cause of some of these large earthquakes through the form of subduction plate movements. The last solar flare that hit was an x class 1.5 in march 8th. within three days of that earthquakes were steadily getting stronger until the 9.0 in japan and is still affecting the region over a month later. not only in japan but all along the ring of fire suduction zones. as well as the yellowstone caldera earthquakes have been increasing in magnitude. thank you Rob G.

Aaron said...

Thanks Rob, for reading my work. I agree, we need to re-evaluate the interactions between the sun and its planets. There is so little data. And the interactions are primary as compared to planetary processes, which are effects of the primary interactions.