Thursday, May 19, 2011

On CME effects on tectonic plates

When The STEREO and other spacecraft evlauating solar flares and other properties of the sun. We see the CMEs rupture and eject charged bits of information about the Sun's local inormation. It is known that these charged bits of information take several days to reach the Earth's Magnetosphere. It is known these impacts deform the magnetosphere during these events.

I was watching the Science Channel (Predicting Monster Earthquakes). A show on earthquakes. What was of great interest to me was the Dr. Freedom and Dr. Frund placed stone under extreme pressure was capable of storing large amounts of current under load.

Another thing I notice is the USGS always reports a depth of the earthquake. I evaluate this depth as the point current exceeds capacitance. The depth point of grounding is the electric discharge. Since the grounding current exceeds the capacitance a rupture occurs.

The Standard Vibration Model describes this event as a Z boson loop fracture. Charged bits of information is hurled perpendicular from the ex-loop towards the Earth. More exacting: towards the position the Earth will be in, during the time of impact. Those bits of information hit the magnetosphere. The Earth grounds the over-capactance of the magnetosphere to an appropriate capacitator and ruptures.
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