Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Solar Weather effects Earth's tectonics

It has been difficult to focus on one topic when so many catastrophic issues facing us. I have been writting on the effect of CMEs on planets. We see a direct effect on the Earth's Magnetosphere and Tectonic effects caused by solar events.

Credit: NASA

This is the CME that caused the 9.0 Japan earthquake and tsuanmi. This video shows the event three times and then shows a bar graph. It is also interesting that an object is in orbit infront of the Sun. As the final CME explodes the object is moved drastically out of orbit.

The CME is a charged electric field, a large composite of Z bosons. This event travels at the speed of Charge (electricity) in the medium of the space. We see these events 2-3 days before the charge event hits the magnetosphere. Thus it is not possible for electricty or charge to travel at C.

The CMEC travels until it hits a W+/- boson field that is capable of storing capacitance and intensiy of the Z boson field. This process is described in the papers and postings through out this blog.

When these CMEs hit the Earth's Magnetosphere, it deforms the longitudinal field of the W+/- boson magnetosphere. The intensity absorbsion is affected by the angle of impact and charge of the object.


Another interesting thing is that Japan was not facing the Sun during the CME impact. The epicenter is the point where tension is released. This means more tension was added to the plate system in different areas to cause this release of tension where the epicenter occured.
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