Thursday, May 5, 2011

So NASA proves Einstein was correct, hpppppt

Credit NASA



So the 3-d field cannot equal ever a vector * a scalar did not disturb you.

Let's Quote the press release.
"The experiment, launched in 2004, used four ultra-precise gyroscopes to measure the hypothesized geodetic effect, the warping of space and time around a gravitational body, and frame-dragging, the amount a spinning object pulls space and time with it as it rotates.

GP-B determined both effects with unprecedented precision by pointing at a single star, IM Pegasi, while in a polar orbit around Earth. If gravity did not affect space and time, GP-B's gyroscopes would point in the same direction forever while in orbit. But in confirmation of Einstein's theories, the gyroscopes experienced measurable, minute changes in the direction of their spin, while Earth's gravity pulled at them.

[Let's start here. A gyroscope will feel any effect from any boson. So if a star is near by and rotating. Then you will have a minute changes. The W+/- boson has attractive properties and repulsive properties. This would allow for minute change in angular velocity. The light changes notices can be attreibuted to the Zeeman Effect.]

The findings are online in the journal Physical Review Letters.

"Imagine the Earth as if it were immersed in honey. [ Really Honey, the earth has a rotating ionic atmosphere.] As the planet rotates, the honey around it would swirl, and it's the same with space and time," said Francis Everitt, GP-B principal investigator at Stanford University. "GP-B confirmed two of the most profound predictions of Einstein's universe, having far-reaching implications across astrophysics research. Likewise, the decades of technological innovation behind the mission will have a lasting legacy on Earth and in space." GP-B is one of the longest running projects in NASA history, with agency involvement starting in the fall of 1963 with initial funding to develop a relativity gyroscope experiment. Subsequent decades of development led to groundbreaking technologies to control environmental disturbances on spacecraft, such as aerodynamic drag, magnetic fields and thermal variations. The mission's star tracker and gyroscopes were the most precise ever designed and produced. GP-B completed its data collection operations and was decommissioned in December 2010. "The mission results will have a long-term impact on the work of theoretical physicists," said Bill Danchi, senior astrophysicist and program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Every future challenge to Einstein's theories of general relativity will have to seek more precise measurements than the remarkable work GP-B accomplished." Innovations enabled by GP-B have been used in GPS technologies that allow airplanes to land unaided. Additional GP-B technologies were applied to NASA's Cosmic Background Explorer mission, which accurately determined the universe's background radiation. That measurement is the underpinning of the big-bang theory, and led to the Nobel Prize for NASA physicist John Mather. The drag-free satellite concept pioneered by GP-B made a number of Earth-observing satellites possible, including NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment and the European Space Agency's Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer. These satellites provide the most precise measurements of the shape of the Earth, critical for precise navigation on land and sea, and understanding the relationship between ocean circulation and climate patterns. GP-B also advanced the frontiers of knowledge and provided a practical training ground for 100 doctoral students.

[I am not dismissing the experimental physics. I am pissed that the theorist did not extend their data to other models. Is this failure the last thing NASA wants to be known for?


Anonymous said...

So by saying, "the 3-d field cannot equal ever a vector * a scalar" you are basically saying that a simple arithmetic error exists in Special Relativity. While, somehow, all the dumbass physicists and mathematicians have totally missed this since the 1920's.

This experiment test of General Relativity first off, and secondly you are a capital fuckwad.

Choke on a dick and die,
Gary Busey

Anonymous said...

What the fuck ever you loon.

you prob don't even know what the right hand rule is.

just STFU crank.

Aaron said...

Yeah, that simple math error requires Einstein's model to have a flat universe.


Anonymous said...

What The Fuck are you talking about.

Just shut the fuck up.

Nothing you say makes any sense because you are demented old jerk-off.

Your theories are wrong because you don't know any math, or even a rudimentary understanding of physics.

You have no fucking clue what a boson even is so quit talking about them. I bet you don't know basic calculus.

Drop dead.

Aaron said...

Let me show you the door. It is called Aaron's Reality. You came here.

Please seek help. You are an angry person.

Anonymous said...

Although previous Anonymous is a complete tool, I do share his concern over your your E=mc^2 issue. I can accept that you don't agree with Relativity, but to think that E=mc^2 is somehow mixing quantities of differing dimensions highlights a profound lack of understanding, and it definitely prevents folks from taking the rest of your material seriously.

Perhaps in your interpretation of physics, E represents a field somehow. Thats fine, but then it's important to note that you and Einstein are referring to completely different things. You can't attack Einstein because E is a field, because Einstein did not define it as such. The quantity he was referring to is most definitely a scalar.

I love your drive, but the math fundamentals need to be solid.

Aaron said...

Dear Anon,

Thanks for the comment. I understand I need to organize the model and provide rigor to the examples. I have found some books that follow that rigor, so I will attempt to show how these field interaction provide a more detailed and variable model.

Thanks for reading my work and being supportive.
Aaron Guerami