Thursday, January 27, 2011

Solar Observatories

This is another important video, it shows an object hitting the sun and the effects.


chiccoreal said...

Dear Aaron: Great videos! Thanks! I think the corona's mass ejections (CME) are very spectacular lately. Do you think that the double helix patterns of the solar activity may relate to the internal organization of the sun, as if the two intersecting forces of matter and double "8" coming together then repelling each other as the two dimensional "rift" or battle between these magnetic opposites(repelling force) or becoming more the same (attractive force) (are they equal 8's or not?)this neg/pos forces could be gaged in the galaxies centre throughout the known universe. As per how they ever figured out Orion's Beetlegeuse (sp?) going SuperNova in 2012 is odd, maybe DOPPLER RADAR? Not sure how they'd know this unless some method to detect variations in energies prior to the big event. We will miss Beetlejuice but will really love the added sun during our cold winters! The fact is we dont know do we how big this supernova could be even though it is 100's of light years from us. If this is the case, what is the exact apriory knowledge that the scientists have in regard to this SuperNova? How do the sci's know that in fact this will happen? Due to the fact of instability of some sort or much corona mass ejections like our sun but on a grander scale. So if our sun and beetlejuice (sp) is going into frenzy than this may mean an interconnectedness between certain celestial objects of which we have yet to discover, and this could mean there is hope to control the static decay...activate neutronic stabizers found in the form of what exactly you phy's should know this... and how much is not active versus active must be VITAL!, as per form of the 8 patterning. I think this should be studied/investigated whatever stat. 2012 maybe understood by mystics and the fact that I dont remember having CME of any regularity in the 60's or 70's for that matter and suddenly, bango we are having this stellar intensely across the board or expanse of the nightsky. As well, this pattern is transfered to the surface of the sun from the centre helix point of no return. The flat dimension gives rise to another surface dimension as per the next "punch out" of the surface dimensional layers? Thus our dimensionality (eg 3 Dimensional physical reality) may have something to do with how many times this collapse and rebirth (or nova or big bang or whatever) has taken place? Just postulating here! Also, the model for the flat dimensionality of the sun and the flat dimension of the black hole as these two nemesis seem to battle a la "lazurian" (Laserian?) porportions! The stablizing influence may be in the ability of the sun to create a static field. Also the field of the active places in the universe could be gauged to determine which sectors are creating the displacement field, and whether or not the presence of black holes in centres of galaxies are getting larger lately? Maybe there is a relation here. As far as the sun has inter-relativity to other celestial objects and their particular nature may discover that the decay, collapse and rebirth cycle is punching out more dimension with each "shift" or "rift" or whatever! Lots to think about and hopefully do something about! Yeah, right...:)

Aaron said...

I am going to think about that 8 field you described. Yeah, these videos open up a whole new line of thinking.