Thursday, March 10, 2011

Participate in Particle Physics Research

Reminds me of how powerful BOINC is. Dristributed computing is far more interesting than cloud computing.

The two concepts are inverse of each other. Distributed computing encourages competition in processing power and collaboration in programming efficiencies. Many people and resources working on a standardized solution to the complicated problem.

Whereas Cloud Computing is opaque and monitored. It just seems the cloud is the ideology we have been trying to avoid while building networks. Each cloud can have its own rules behind the firewall. This reduces the chance data will be usable from one cloud to another.


Anonymous said...

I think cloud computing and distributed computing synergize. Distributed computing abstracts the algorithm over disparate compute resources, and cloud computing abstracts the compute resources over disparate physical entities.

Anonymous said...

Too much computing makes Jack a dull boy. I prefer simpler times... Dr. Pawson, Kelley Baker and sailing half way to Catalina not to mention racing back for Miami Vice. I realize this is not the time or place nor the definition of cloud as you are speaking but I am really glad to have found you in the cloud...

Aaron said...


How are you?
Dr. Pawson was a great influnce on how I educated myself.

Your father showed me networking. From that point, I have been working on these issues. I would appriciate it if you passed this site to your father and brother.

I have not sailed in years. Flopping humans on the deck is not good for crew moral.

I really have missed you through life. Please skype me.

Your missing friend,
Aaron Guerami