Friday, April 15, 2011

The clarity of time

In the Standard Vibration Model time is local to the individual boson.

This means there is no Universal Clock. This also means all functions, interactions, and equations are under the domain of bounded series and order of operations. This is Leibnetz Calculus not Newtonian.

With Newtonian calculus you are plotting the next discrete point. Digital
With Bounded seried you are adding/manipulating the series. Analog

Add to this, in reality, All numbers are Real. Integers only exist in the minds of men.

I want to thank Clayton Allen for the discussion on series.

Aaron Guerami


Anonymous said...

Aaron: In reality, All numbers are Real. Integers only exist in the minds of men.

That's a bold statement!

First of all, algebraically, one could argue that all numbers are Complex, not Real. But then, we're not thinking algebraically here, since that's a construct of man.

So if we can only look to the Universe for answers, where exist the Reals? All I see is a continuum of energy.

You might say, "well, here is a region of space which could be of length pi, and half of that region would be of length pi/2, and those are Real-valued", and so on. But that is mere abstraction still. You've defined an abstract concept of "region" and "units" and then did "algebra" upon them. We are still in the minds of men.

You might say "we observe waveforms that range over a continuum of amplitudes, classifiable by Real numbers". But we're just organizing the behavior of energy into the "wave" concept and giving it structure such that we can pick out "amplitude", then assigning "symbols" to map these "amplitudes" and performing "algebra" upon those "symbols" to reason and compare and manipulate. Still we're in the minds of men.

How are the Reals manifest in reality? The Universe presented us with an amorphous continuum. Men invented the structure required to reason about it.

Aaron said...

Dear Anon,
Thank you for the nice conversation.

Yes, the Reals are a subset of Complex.

Now for the next bold statement.
Yes the R are continiuum of energy.
I have shown in this blog that the physics of n/0 creates baryonic detonation. So the R asymptotes explain physical effects.

Since Complex numbers are the superset of Reals then I would expect Complex rules to interact with Real rules.

From this point forward is hypothesis.
Thought is the physical manefestation of the Complex Number system in Reality. The rules of Thought need to encompass and effect the rules of R. This is self-organization and optimization.
In organics this process occurs as life.

With death or disorganization occuring at the Complex asymptote sqrt(-1).

Dealing in Complex numbers sends most fleeing for cover. I tend not to describe complex systems because thought (T =Thought) is involved. Adding thought to any equation will bring the quackery hammer down. But, yet that number system needs exploration in physics.

A couple other things, pi is a model of the mind. The universe does not allow for perfect structure.

Thanks for reading my work.
Aaron Guerami