Thursday, July 16, 2009

Density of the gluon

This is the axiom of the density of a Gluon:
Even a gluon occupies space so it also has a density. An energy measured over a volume. But it is measured as the strong nuclear force. The gluon has 3 bits of information: Color,Voltage,length. These three bits of information spin/oscillate about each other. Those bits of information occupy space. Gluons have volume through oscillation. The oscillation is the distance between the three bits of data. That creates density in the gluon. Much like the picture of the pulled photon.

This is a description of color:
Color is a variable that describes the data. It is an abstraction now. I think it is all the data involved in Temperature, Magnetism, and Electricity. Color is the data, voltage is the action, length is the reaction/response to external data/information.
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