Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Newton, Quantum Mechanics and Vibrations

That the moon gravitates towards the earth, and by the force of gravity is continually drawn off from a rectilinear motion, and retained in its orbit.

The mean distance of the moon from the earth in the syzygies in semidiameters of the earth, is, according to Ptolemy and most astronomers, 59 : according to Vendelin and Huygens, 60 ; to Copernicus, 60 1/3 ; to Street, 60 2/5 ; and to Tycho, 56 1/2. But Tycho, and all that follow his tables of refraction, making the refractions of the sun and moon (altogether against the nature of light) to exceed the refractions of the fixed stars, and that by four or five minutes near the horizon, did thereby increase the moon s horizontal parallax by a like number of minutes, that is, by a twelfth or fifteenth part of the whole parallax. Correct this error, and the distance will become about 60 1/2 semi-diameters of the earth, near to what others have assigned.

Newton's calculations of the distance are close. But yet, so are all the listed astronomer. All within a few thousand kilometers.

I understand what you find so compelling about Newton's work. It is geometric. It is decidally understandable through drawings and averages. I see the importance of this work. It broke man out of the middle ages. It brought understandable science to a God ordered world. It maintained that order.

But the universe is based on chaos. This is determined by 3 gluons. Quantum Mechanics shows us it is impossible to determine the exact position of any sub-atomic particle. This is shown through the experiments of the giant accelerators.

Newton's work will bring an answer that is close, but understandable. Quantum Mechanics understands that it is probably not correct with a margin of error. My understanding is about the error or the change in fields and the effect that has on the baryon.
This is from the General Science Journal Forums under 'theory of everything'

Aaron: Yes, they did a great job. All of them. At getting closer and closer to a more accurate system. It has been an amazing time.

But the Standard Particle Model shows that there is no gravity. It is easy to see the 4 forces and what they do. It is also glaringly apparent that gravity is not relevant. The same process of densities moving shows not an attractive unit to motion but a repulsive/expressive one. And I say expressive, because this is all about information. The forces are nothing but information in motion.

There is no chaos if one has control of the polarity, direction of charge,rate of spin of the baryon. Really all the information describing the baryon.

Chaos results when the model breaks down. Chaos occurs when the model can not finish, because it does not describe the relation to the other forces. Chaos is what we don't expect. And in this case all we have to do to bridge that line of thinking is reverse the direction of gravity, extend the 3 dimensional nature of density of the baryon. You have essentially the same result, but now you have finer control. You know the fields involved to remove the chaos.

No need for a flat universe. No need to explain a big bang as all the universe in a bang. Space is no longer relevant to matter. Matter expresses itself as information that passes through dark energy. Dark energy does not care if it Dark or Baryonic matter. It is the medium in which information vibrates.
A baryon is repulsive and hot. It also has a charge, direction of charge and a spin. A baryon can bond to other baryons creating different results in vibrations. A baryon, a collection of gluons, expresses itself with/as forces.

The Z Boson is precise. The logic behind this vibration is to express the baryon's heat and electricity. It does this by creating a lepton which creates a boson. The lepton is the electron and the boson is the photon. It is required that the photon is emitted by the electron. It is also required that the electron read the photon.

The photon says my baryon is precisely this spectra, it was this hot when I left it, and I traveled this far to get you receiving lepton. (Frequency, Wave Length, Temperature, counter) The receiving baryon can now calculate heat, pressure from heat, direction of heat.

The electron also transmits information on the baryon's electrical information. This is my current, charge, voltage and spin. The spin is resistance.

The analogy to music is strong.
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