Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parton Distribution Function

Yes, scientist. If you spend multi-billion dollars/euros on a project then you better expect people to evaluate the work. I have seen the reason for building a particle accelerator change over time. We have gone from the 'God particle', Higgs Boson, to mini black holes. Now we have Parton Distribution Function. It seems marketing has failed and we have returned to good old fashioned science.

Parton Distribution Function is the experimental data that shows the position and momentum for each destroyed particle. It seems we don't get a small black hole during collisions. We get what anyone would expect, pieces flying off in different directions. This shattering of vibration is Parton Distribution Function.

As usual anyone reading about the topic will instantly become confused with jargon. This site has helped in cracking the Parton code. This person asks great questions.

Code and algorithms
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