Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pasta Universe - Geometry of State

The pasta structure in the hadron-quark phase transition and the effects on magnetized compact stars

This is important. They are showing the different geometries of state. Geometry of State. The bubble is natural. It shows up in soap bubbles. The bubble is an analog to this vibratory model.

This bubble is the interaction between 2 anti-gluon Dark Matter fabric solids and 3 gluon baryonic bubble matter. The mechanism for this interaction is the W+/- Boson or magnetism. Every boson is expressing information about the originating baryon. Every baryon is constantly going through a process of read/write phases. This allows for transmission of data about itself. It also receives data about other baryons. There is a third calculation phase.

Dark Matter, as is described in this model, is charge repugnant. They are not electrically neutral. The rule is : a dark matter, 2 anti-gluon vibration cannot occupy the same space as a 3 gluon, charged baryon. Dark Matter cannot form the lepton, electron. Thus Dark Matter is pushed aside by baryons producing the ball in the ribbon effect.

Magnetism is the rotation of the 3 gluons in a cone shape. The spinning magnet. Density is the compression of the length of the gluon. These interactions cause the bubble shape that spins and vibrates in a bubble shape.

Dark Matter is only the gluon forces of density. Dark Matter does not spin. Dark Matter exhibits density pressure force and reacts to magnetism. This interaction is the breaking of the bonds in the Dark Matter by magnetism or the W+/- Boson. The magnetic pressures of the baryons against the Dark Matter cause this interaction. There are areas of void of information in the Dark Energy that are neither Dark Matter or Baryonic Matter.

Disharmonic vibrations are not transmitted by Dark Energy from Ruleset to Ruleset. Disharmonic vibrations are absorbed by Dark Energy Rulesets.

The pictures from IBEX and other Magnetism Sensors show intense interactions at the boundries of Dark Matter and Baryonic Matter.
Credit IBEX

This model explains the pictures taken by IBEX.
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