Thursday, January 14, 2010

That Earthquake

I don't think I am making myself clear kids, we were just hit by something electric and it caused that earthquake.

I think we were just struck by solar or galactic lightning. In this model of physics that was a massive Z Boson discharge. And it discharged in that spot because of AC grounding.

The more I think about this, We were just struck by galactic lightning. This earthquake was different! It was an unexpectedly wavy, long duration earthquake. This was not a slip/fault. I have heard reports of 'Earthquake weather'. Which is a charged feeling in the atmosphere. The duration lasted far too long and we can see it in the magnetosphere. It was extrasolar.

This would result in a large lightning strike crystal formation being created from sand around the discharge point.

We saw it and every one of the aftershocks in the magnetosphere. Something electric hit us!!! And it did not emanate from the Earth. It crossed the magnetosphere in the opposite direction the Earth is heading.

This brings up more questions then answers.
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