Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Black holes eject material

Caption: This is a false color image of the central region of a galaxy group in X-rays. The jet of matter blown out of the central black hole can be clearly identified by its radio luminosity (overlaid, purple-blue).

Credit: Image: S. Giodini/A. Finoguenov/MPE
That is the center of that galaxy. That not so tiny visible galaxy is the center of that object.

The purple represents the Z Boson jets. I can also see a purple area Away from the jets. This is lightning, or a Z Boson discharge.

The red area represents the W +/- Boson. Magnetism. The W+/- Boson is perpendicular in shape to the Z Boson. One is the inverse of the other.

The radiation from the core of the galaxy extends way beyond the visual spectrum. 10^100 times or more. This is the set of shapes described. We can see the interactions changing the perfect model.

We also see asymmetric negative pressure dark matter is affecting the galaxy through magnetism. The right side of the magnetic field of this galaxy is being pressurized.

I would like to know. What galaxy is this? Are their other pictures of this galaxy. Are there other galaxies that are imaged in this manner? Is the bar of that barred spiral galaxy in line or perpendicular to the Z Boson jets?
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