Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Large Quasar Group

The discovery in the deep Universe was made by a team led by Roger Clowes at the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute at Britain's University of Central Lancashire.

This object is 4 billion ly across. 

Amazing pictures that push physics beyond what we believe.
I wonder how close it is to the center of the known universe? If this thing took 4bly to get to this point. What was it before the explosion?

It also looks like a torus.


Addendum: 1//22/2013

This is a huge magnetic field. I wonder if we can see any rotation on this because of its magnetic field needs tremendous rotation. They might be able to compare this to the next series of pictures. 


Anonymous said...

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Aaron said...

I find its magnetic properties to be most interesting. It is literally a magnetic object that is pulling intestellar hydrogen and other lightweight metals. I find it to be similar to a pulsar but on the the scale of a glactic cluster.

In SR and GR any object of this density would have the properties of a blackhole. Its shape is wrong for gravity. Gravity cannot predict this shape.

The spectra for these objects show great intensity of lightweight material moving at great speeds around the object. This collision of material at high speeds lights up normally dark intestellar baryonic matter causes the constant illumination. Whereas the intense magnetism causes the peaks of intensity.