Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Understanting the Geometry of the W+/- Boson (Magnetism)

Today we are going to look at magnetic anomalies as Planetary Nebula.

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In order to study magnetism we need to examine the torus.

There are three types of tori along with a sphere. Meaning a Ring torus can degenerate to a Horn torus to a Spindle torus then to a sphere.

We see all 4 types of torus in nature.

With this picture we see several magnetic tori. We see two half tori in the Horn shape. The center is a Ring torus. The center is the Baryon core in high rotation. With these magnetic fields we can now examine them. How much energy is this generating?
This is M27:The Dumbbell Nebula
Credit ESO
This is M57: The Ring Nebula Credit Hubble

Lets look at the parametric equations of a torus. A torus is a circle revolving around a coplaner circle.

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Looking at a spiral galactic core will show a similar shape in all E/M wavelengths.
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