Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An Examination of Longitudinal and Lateral Electromagnetic Waves

What is electricity and magnetism. The first time I learned about electricity was with the outlet and a screwdriver. Weeeeee. Don't ever do that. AC is dangerous. Lets enjoy E/M without mishap.

This is not the Standard Vibration Model. But this man has produced excellent ideas that easily fit within the model and ideas that can be reevaluated. K-El Abraham

 This is an interesting look at the flip point. I agree with the v vs c as velocity. With v we are starting to see objects moving in a medium.

I don't agree with his model of aether. The Model of Aether for the Standard Vibration Model encompasses what he is trying to do for motion while allowing for adding far more detail to the energy, motion, density equation. It allows for future change.

Credit: K-El Abraham

I think the only thing missing from this chart is K-El Abraham's name below Tesla's. He actually finishes the geometry of waveform and shows us, I will explain later. For now we will use his charts to support his work. 

Coulombs Law of Interaction

Coulomb Force

Credit: K-El Abraham


Credit: K-El  Abraham

Ohm's Law I =V/R'

This says Impedence is equal Voltage divided by Resistance.

add a pic of ohm working, wiki...


Credit: K-El  Abraham


Credit: K-El  Abraham

I would have like to see Planck's work here also.

 Euler's complex systems

Credit: K-El  Abraham

 Euler based on Planck's geometry.
Now the heavy hitters

Credit: K-El  Abraham


Credit: K-El  Abraham

What is this? This is the math that causes all the information of a W+/- to communicate with Z Boson, Photons at the point of the Lepton Electron.

Again this is another E/M Model that pushes further the ideas of physics. He shows the histories and geometries that lead to these conclusions. An again this model of E/M works within the bounds of the Standard Vibration Model. The nice thing about the Standard Vibration Model is that it will always allow for refinement and polish. It not that the model is wrong, it is that it has many variables and is full of ratios. Those ratios are always subject to change.

This is a mathematical description of how the Baryon emits information.

But this is still 2d to 4d work and uses pure geometries. This is not the Standard Vibration Model,but an interesting look at historical Electromagnetism with an understanding of that important flip point.

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