Sunday, June 14, 2015

Superconductivity at Room Temperature

Crystal structures

Articles about superconductivity and its understanding.

A friend sent me some articles on superconductivity.


Electrons move like photons in a solid

Cooling process


So from the above articles Applied Physicists at Scandia National Labs have found if use a electric field, electrons will travel in a predictable pattern through the oscillations. They now have a material that works well under room temperature and low voltage.

So Phonons is where atoms or molecules vibrate against each other. These are full structures in oscillations.

Credit Wikipedia
There is a 3d discussion at Wiki. There are equations and more diagrams.

“The real achievement in our work,” said Ihlefeld, “is that we’ve demonstrated a means to control the amount of heat passing through a material at room temperature by simply applying a voltage across it. We’ve shown that we can actively regulate how well heat — phonons — conducts through the material.”

Photo : Randy Montoy

 The article on spin show that scientist are microwaving electrons to decrease their spin and increase the time before they lose their energy through normal entropy. Now they can store information for a 5000 percent increase. 

Electrons move at the same speed as a photon in a solid. That makes sense and is very much inline with this model. Although I have never discussed it before. My knowledge was not up to what i thought would support the model.

So in conclusion. All this recent work on superconductivity will produce processors, memory and other crystal structures for many uses in society. 

Thanks to these scientist for their years of hard work and little recognition.
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