Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Understanding Object Oriented Physic and Information

The Standard Vibration Models an Object Oriented Physics model.

This means each object stores its own information. An object can be a single boson or a collection of objects as in the Baryon. Each Baryon emits information about itself in the form of Bosons.

There are 4 types of Bosons. Each type of Boson is a different form of vibration.

Photon transmits Heat, Spectra, Distance, Frequency, Wavelength, Magnetic fields it has traveled through.

W+/- Boson is magnetism, the far field. Electromagnetism at a distance. Transmits Amperage, Voltage, Resistance.

Z Boson is electricity. This is Electromagnetism in a vortex.   Its information is inverse of that of the magnetic field plus it carries information to and from the gluons to the electron layer.

Gluons rotating in rapid rates form the nucleus ad described in this model or as being observed as a soup. This is the nuclear core.

All of physics is one baryon communicating to another using these objects.

They age clearly defined in the blog.
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