Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Next War Over Energy

Social Networking will in the most part will be necessary for keeping a check on war, lies, corruption... I said in a forum of that with my radio shack TRS-80 and the modem. Compuserv. Twisted pair.

We as a society, world society, need to agree that killing is wrong. No games. There is no new game. People are dead because of lies. People who had no idea they could be killed from the sky. Just poof, half their children are splattered in the kitchen. That is the sociopathic nightmare of war. W did not think of all the families in Iraq with the Bring it on.

This has been going on since The invasion of Iraq. I think the need to invade Afghanistan stems from heroin. We now have a stable illegal heroin supply. This illegal supply of heroin is needed for the demand in the north east of America. The illegal part is necessary to keep the money off the books. The illegal heroin money funds future wars while civilians show a debt. Those future wars will be over cutting down forests to rape the  Earth for Gold and the Artic ice.

You cannot imagine the golden oil they found in the Artic . Heavy water, Tritrinium. These are both more efficient than uranium in producing energy. All profit. There will be wars here to protect rich peoples ice mining operations. Your NAVY kids will be sunk to the bottom of the Artic Ocean. The Ultrarich will fight vigorously and viciously to protect their assets. The value of ice is so great, that the 8 major countries have split up the Artic Ice Sheet for country ownership, to lessen the immediate need for war over boundaries. All that energy is radioactive. But they don't care.

The same Ultrawealthy are in control.

To bypass this. Individual tesla USB chargers are needed. Please read and make. I no longer have the capacity to build these 10 dollar tesla coil powers raspberry pi USB chargers. High school physics classes can make these with simple parts and no chance of shock. They will learn electronics and building their own energy systems. They will build their own Aether based USB charging station.

If you build simple Tesla Devices, not the big towers, but receivers. Then big towers for larger coverage. The Wars of Energy fail. This should be at the highschool level. The way their parents and grandparents have managed energy has been a complete failure.

 The children will take it away from adults. Examples of this are already causing failures in the Ultrarich. The cost of information dropped to way beyond the ability to support some of the older superwealthy. News is free and far more accurate, more sources. 
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