Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Aether By Jean de Climont

Dear Sir,
The wrong direction was given two centuries ago to the electrical current. 
A similar error occurred with the magnetic field of electrons presently postulated with a dipole topology within the standard model, although there is no experimental evidence. 

The electron magnetic field has in fact the inverse topology: it has not a dipole structure but a rotational structure. The main consequence is the necessity of an aether.

This alternative view of electron magnetic field topology is presented in a new video. The video may be seen from the producer home page: 


You will find 550 dissidents scientists proposing alternative theories based upon an Aether in the World wide dissident scientists list new issue 2016 now including more than 8000 names with many more emails and web addresses together with more information on critics and alternative theories. (Note that the coversheet is dated 2014 although the contents is 2016)
As a consequence of this increase of dissidents found in the Internet I have updated the book "The failure of pure science"
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