Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Axiom five: Dark Matter

1. Dark Matter are Gluons without information, magnetism, or rotation.
1.1 Dark Matter densities form lattices, clumps, and other non-uniform shapes.

2. Dark Matter exists outside magnetic fields only.
2.1 When a magnetic field comes into contact with Dark Matter it excites the Gluons with information.
2.2 This simple magnetic excitation causes three Gluons to form triplets and start rotating.
2.3 This single triplet in rotation is a Baryon creating magnetism, electricity, electromagnetism and density oscillations.

3.1 Dark Matter is repelled by Magnetic Fields.
3.1.1 Dark Matter cannot exist within a magnetic field.
3.2 Dark Matter insulates / compresses electric current in open space.
3.3 Dark Matter has no effect on electromagnetism.

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